Reseller Programme

Working With Us

Pipeline+ partners with resellers across the globe. We do not offer a white label service. When you resell our service, we have to work closely with your client for the duration of the campaign.


What Can I Expect To Make

We pay our resellers a flat fee of $5 per lead. The minimum order is 50 leads per month per client, and the maximum is 1,000 leads per client per month.

We have capacity to take up to 10 new clients per week.

You will be paid your reseller fees at the end of each month.

Eligible Customers

It's important to remember that Pipeline+ only works with clients that it is confident it can generate leads for. We may refuse to take on clients that have extremely niche markets, notoriously unresponsive markets or low quality companies.

Here are the client requirements:

1. They must have a target market that can be defined in Sales Navigator and they must have at least 5,000 prospects in their target market.

2. We can only provide B2B leads, not B2C leads.

3. The company must have a proven business model and a high quality product/service. A good rule of thumb, is to check that the client has a good website, has 10+ paying customers and has turned over at least $100,000.

4. The client must have a profit margin of $300+. If the client has a low value product/service and makes less than $300 profit per customer, it is unlikely they will be able to generate a good ROI using our service.

The Process

Step 1: You generate interest from your current network and/or client base


Step 2: You pitch the service to your client and if they wish to sign up, you book a set up call with us here: Schedule A Set Up Call and then invite your client to the calendar invite


Step 3: You, your client and our sales rep Sarah will jump onto the Zoom call and we will set the campaign up with the help of you and your client. The set up call takes less than 1 hour.

Step 4: The client chooses how many leads they want per month, and pays up front for their leads. At the end of the month, we count how many leads your client generated and we pay you $5 per lead.

We will send you and your client all correspondence and a monthly report.



How Do I Get Started?

Start pitching to your network, and when you close a client, simply book a set up call with us below and invite your client to the calendar invite

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